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Case Study: Optimizing On Shelf Availability with RSi’s In-Store Power Solution

Tackling OSA issues remains an organizational challenge for Retailers and CPGs alike. While high velocity items will naturally replenish based on demand, moving through the supply chain and onto shelves in the short term, the challenge often lies in identifying products with inherent, long term OSA issues. Once identified, CPGs and Retailers need to evaluate which actions and interventions should be taken to fix these issues. Focus has to remain on improving availability long term in order to maximize sales. Key to executing these actions and interventions is having the insights into how store formats, regional trends and types of display perform at the most granular store/item level, which allows for the rolling out of a smoothly run operational team in stores. The performance of these teams can, in turn, be measured more accurately to evaluate overall success.

The Problem

A Fortune Top 25 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company approached RSi as they were not seeing expected returns due to current On Shelf Availability tactics involving a third party broker team. They were unsure how to optimize the process and measure the value in an accurate manner.

The Solution

RSi introduced the CPG to our In-Store Power solution, which analyses and optimizes the full range of executional activities to significantly improve productivity and dramatically reduce costs associated with labor management and efficiency. In-Store Power helps CPGs and Retailers maximize sales and ROI by giving them the tools to:

  • Select the right stores to focus on
  • Define what success looks like
  • Focus on the right activities and interventions
  • Measure and report the ROI (return of investment)
  • Close the loop by utilizing the feedback provided for future recommendations

In partnership with the CPG, RSi implemented the performance measurement module of In-Store Power which analyses incremental sales and team performance. 5,000 actions were analysed, bringing to light that around 75% of all actions taken by the broker personnel, prior to the roll out of In-Store Power, yielded no return.

The Results

RSi was able to help the CPG set new data and measurement guidelines, empowering their in-store teams to deliver maximum ROI for every store visit. The CPG was able to utilize POS data and data science to help the broker team prioritize the most efficient, effective and valuable activities, including calling on the highest value-returning stores at the right frequency.

By collecting alert and intervention feedback data in real-time using RSi’s customizable mobile app and over-laying it with POS data and ROI measurement, the dashboards and reporting were able to provide visibility into every aspect of this team’s in-store activities. This visibility gave the CPG the insights needed to build a recommendation and go-forward plan that saw a 5x return for the customer after 12 weeks.  

For more information on RSi’s In-Store Power solution, or any of our additional On-Shelf Availability solutions, please contact the RSi team.

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