Drive Omnichannel Success

With RSi’s proven data management and analytics solutions, retailers can maximize on-shelf availability and delight consumers, who increasingly demand omnichannel shopping convenience like “click & collect.”

Drive Omnichannel Success

For retailers, driving omnichannel success is critical, yet brings both challenge and opportunity as online orders are integrated. Additional demand is placed on inventory, fulfillment, the warehouse and the store as organizations determine where to send product in order to meet expectations of shoppers (who just want to show up at the store and pick up their item).

In fact, cumulative data compiled within The Enterprise Guide to Global Ecommerce anticipates a 246.15% increase in worldwide e-commerce sales, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021. That’s a nearly threefold lift in online revenue.*

With online sales expected to grow almost 3x traditional retail sales, the data created from those transactions must be integrated just like any other sales data to optimize the consumer experience. RSi can help users understand and plan for the impact of omnichannel demand on store inventory:

Item + Store + Day + Omnichannel = Efficiency, Time Savings, Ease of Use

By leveraging this data, users can see the type of consumer interaction and delivery method (ship from store, ship to store, store pickup, click-and-collect, etc.), and can now quickly ascertain the impact of their online footprint.

Specifically, RSi’s omnichannel solutions and services give you the power to:
  • »Track and trend online and in-store sales every day, by UPC and by store/region
  • »Forecast future sales by channel, UPC and by store/region
  • »Predict demand patterns across fulfillment centers, DCs, and/or stores
  • »Manage the ever-increasing demands that both online and in-store sales are placing on in-store inventory levels

With state-of-the-art reporting and data visualization solutions (delivered through Power BI from Microsoft), all RSi customers have the visibility, agility and intelligence they need to dynamically manage their omnichannel businesses every day.

RSi leverages its seasoned CPG and private-label relationships to help retailers capitalize on the integrated sales origination and omnichannel fulfillment data – which ties cleanly to other RSi models and functions – to realize the full potential business benefits including:
  • »Assortment Planning: Understanding if a product should be offered online vs. in store.
  • »Out-Of-Stock/On-Shelf Availability Impact: Tracking and planning for online orders that are filled with store inventory.
  • »Price Integrity: Bringing transparency to pricing in-store and online to maximize profitability.
  • »Better Insights: Clarity of retailer supply chain initiatives and consumer shopping patterns.
  • »Better Reporting: Streamlined, easy-to-use, daily data presented through dashboards.

RSi empowers retailers with a strong competitive advantage by providing insight into where orders are coming from and detailed analytics around fulfillment (warehouse, store, supplier), helping them drive omnichannel success.

The RSi Advantage:

*Expertise of the full demand chain for CPG and private-label.
*Strong supply chain excellence and detailed analytics around end-to-end fulfillment.
*Data analysis and integration of the physical and digital shelf.


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