Promo Power™: Promotion Forecasting & Allocation

The automated Promo Power™ solution enables CPG manufacturers to eliminate costly manual interventions and dramatically improve retail execution processes and effectiveness at the store level.

Promo Power™: Promotion Forecasting & Allocation

In today’s hyper-competitive and challenging retail environment, CPG manufacturers need to make sure their promotional investments are as efficient, effective and profitable as they can be. CPG companies spend a significant portion of their revenue on trade promotions – nearly 25% in the U.S., up to 30-35% in EU (depending on country, channel, category), and 30% in China. Now more than ever, those trade promotion investments need to deliver an increasing ROI.

On-shelf availability and related out-of-stock (OOS) issues also plague promotion success. For retailers and manufacturers, the standard OOS rate remains at 8% to 10%; that rate can jump to nearly 15% for promoted products. When consumers can’t find your goods on the shelf, promotional dollars are wasted.

Promo Power™ is a highly automated, store-level technology solution that enables CPG manufacturers to significantly improve forecasting and allocation, helping to drive increased revenue and profits. With RSi’s new Promo Power™ solution, CPG companies and their retailer partners can strengthen their joint business planning to improve promotional effectiveness by 20-25%.



By automating the promotion execution process, from forecasting and allocation to planning, Promo Power™ by RSi gives you the tools to accurately plan for demand and avoid OOS problems that decrease sales and profitability as well as frustrate shoppers.



Promo Power™ complements the outputs from your TPM/TPO system. After the hard work of identifying the right promotions to run from a consumer pull perspective, why leave money on the table with OOS? With Promo Power™, Rule your promotions and generate significant value, from supply chain to shelf.

The RSi Advantage:

*Improve promotional effectiveness by 20-25%.
*Improve promotional allocation accuracy by 5-15%.
*Enable precision store forecasting and allocation per promotion.

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