RSi’s best-in-class scorecards empower retailers to increase sales, improve profits, and save money and time by transforming data into knowledge and then actionable insights.


Retailers today operate in a world that is data rich and knowledge poor. In many cases, there are little to no insights for retailers to use in making the critical, timely decisions necessary to optimize supply chain management, improve on-shelf availability, and maximize inventory replenishment efforts. Having these actionable insights is essential for retailers to create and deploy scorecards that enable them to report and act on the key retail health and value creation metrics that fuel operational success.

With its unmatched data management and cloud ingestion expertise, RSi helps retailers worldwide to unlock the knowledge buried deep inside their mountains of data and transform it into crucial insights. Armed with these insights, retailers can leverage RSi’s advanced scorecarding tools to create interactive reports and dashboards which allow them to move quickly to fix problems and capitalize on opportunities, from supply chain to shelf.

RSi’s scorecarding solutions leverage best-in-class business analytics and data visualization technologies that allow retailers to customize their reports to meet their particular needs. These customized scorecards save retailers time and money by tracking issues and highlighting exceptions that need to be addressed on a priority basis.

In the new data-driven global retailing environment, retailers who have access to the technology and expertise to create and activate insight-rich scorecards will be the ultimate winners, today and tomorrow. Let RSi show you how leveraging best-in-class scorecards can help you grow, profit and rule.

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