Business Intelligence & Reporting

With its deep technology expertise, RSi enables CPG manufacturers to transform their huge volumes of data into knowledge, and then into actionable insights, helping them to make better, faster, more profitable decisions..

Business Intelligence & Reporting

CPG manufacturers cannot capture the true value from point-of-sale (POS) and inventory data unless it is quickly transformed into actionable insights that will drive a significant improvement in sales and shopper satisfaction – and ultimately, drive profitability.

Tackling the collection, harmonization and cleansing of massive amounts of data, in an accurate and timely way, may sound like a daunting task – RSi can help.

Users can unlock automatic, immediate and sustainable value by leveraging Retail Visibility’s (RV) standard reporting capabilities in an easy-to-use Excel plug-in, and Retail Intelligence’s (RI) comprehensive, interactive reporting at the most granular level. Both of these RSi solutions allow CPG companies to get the right data to the right people in the right format, so they can start solving business problems across the enterprise.

These tools include a comprehensive set of nearly 500 metrics that aggregates complex datasets across multiple dimensions (geographies, products, times). Advanced analytics and graphical representation employs sophisticated, but easy-to-use, techniques to present clear, actionable findings. Users deploy reports through advanced scheduling and distribution functionality to ensure that the right insights get to the right teams, when they need them.

Regardless of company size, CPG manufacturers that leverage RSi’s data and analytics solutions can fill in their knowledge gaps to address the following five key business areas. In the process, they will differentiate themselves from their competition – all while driving retail execution excellence, sales and profits:

On-Shelf Availability/Out-of-Stocks
  • »Use highly advanced statistical algorithms to identify and correct out-of-stocks (OOS) due to a variety of situations, including phantom inventory, missing shelf tags, inaccurate replenishments, damaged products, and more.
Promotion Plannings
  • »Provide more accurate demand forecasts by leveraging POS data to determine the optimal amount of store allocations, reduce shrink, reclaim, and inventory, and ultimately reduce OOS.
New Item Launch
  • »Manage availability of new items at the store level during critical demand cycles to optimize the use of new product introduction investments, including monitoring the flow of product from supplier to DC to store.
Category Management
  • »Use store attributes to create groupings of like stores and identify the optimal assortment of items in that group leveraging demographic data and planograms. Users can also justify distribution expansion of high-performing items to increase overall sales.
End-to-End Forecasting
  • »Provide and manage the most accurate measure of demand across the supply chain while reducing OOS, unsaleables, freight costs and distribution safety stock.

In addition to reports focused on key business areas, RSi also helps identify specific opportunities around retailer collaboration. For example, RSi empowers suppliers with insights into delivery and logistics performance so they can better meet retailer expectations, while avoiding fines:

  • »Delivery Compliance Visibility (for Target)
  • »OTIF Visibility (for Walmart)

RSi’s Retail Visibility & Retail Intelligence platforms and standard reports, are part of its proven technology foundation derived from a combination of unparalleled industry knowledge, best-in-class solutions and deep data expertise.

The RSi Advantage:

*Cleansed, harmonized, real-time data at the most granular level. (Get yesterday’s data, today – at the store-item-day level.)
*Unmatched domain and analytical expertise.
*Excel integration for quick, automatic reporting to key stakeholders.

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