Maximize On-Shelf Availability, Sales & ROI

RSi's comprehensive suite of industry-leading OSA solutions enable you to solve the persistent out-of-stocks problem, significantly increasing sales, profits and ROI

Maximize On-Shelf Availability

Retailers and CPG suppliers have long been in search of the perfect shelf: A shelf that contains the exact product a consumer wants, in the right store, at the right time, and at the right price. That is what the frictionless shopper experience is all about. However, CPG manufacturers and retailers are faced with significant challenges to fill every gap on every shelf, including digital ones:

With resource rationalization precious in-store resources are spread very thinWith “resource rationalization,” precious in-store resources are spread very thin
Visually monitoring all of your shelf real estate is a non-starterVisually monitoring all of your shelf real estate is a non-starter
Even if every gap was identified taking action to solve them all isn’t feasibleEven if every gap was identified, taking action to solve them all isn’t feasible

Isolated OSA interventions, while moderately effective in the near-term, rarely provide a sustained improvement in overall on-shelf availability rates and associated sales. Add in the increased complexity of omnichannel forecasting and fulfillment, and the likelihood for serious gaps in shelf availability will only increase.

Optimize OSA and Significantly Increase Sales

To maximize on-shelf availability and increase sales, RSi recommends suppliers combine the tactical, in-store approach with a long-term, strategic plan to uncover the underlying drivers of OSA and prevent future shelf availability gaps. This exclusive approach from RSi enables CPGs to get ahead of the competition by better utilizing their field teams and analyst resources to optimize OSA rates across the business and drive increased sales and profits.

RSi’s Suite of OSA Solutions Enable Suppliers to:

Measure and monitor OSA for strategic decision-makingMeasure and monitor OSA for strategic decision-making
tactically address availability through alerts and machine learningTactically address availability through alerts and AI-driven machine learning
Close the "technology/execution loops," providing CPGs with more significantly faster and more effective action on OOS alertsClose the “technology/execution loops,” providing CPGs with significantly faster and more effective action on OOS alerts

On-Shelf Availability Issues Affect Your Business from Supply Chain to Shelf. Are You Equipped to Rule the Shelf by Maximizing OSA, Increasing Sales and Driving ROI?Whether you’re rethinking your entire OSA strategy, or looking to fill in the gaps of your existing shelf availability operation, RSi has an OSA solution built to meet your specific needs.

Learn More About RSi’s Suite of OSA Solutions

OSA End-to-End OSA End-to-End is a breakthrough solution built on a comprehensive approach to solving shelf availability issues that addresses how you can Plan, Correct, Prevent and Monitor your OSA. This enables you to recapture millions of dollars in lost sales while achieving an unheard of 10-fold return on investment.

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Retail Shelf Alerting RSi’s AI-driven OSA alerting solution offers unmatched data granularity and real-time predictive alerts to maximize sales and ensure shopper satisfaction. This industry-leading solution has identified over $16B in potential re-captured sales to-date and leads the way for tactically addressing on-shelf availability, store-by-store.  Learn more

In-Store Power The most comprehensive and proven field team solution that enables CPGs and retailers to analyze and optimize the full range of go-to-market and in-store execution activities. Generating valuable, actionable insights through digital transformation and mobile technologies, In-StorePower significantly improves productivity while dramatically reducing labor and other costs.  Learn more

Retail Compass RSi’s exclusive OSA measurement solution that enables suppliers and retailers to measure OSA performance across their product portfolios and strategically achieve optimal on-shelf availability rates for your entire business. This solution uncovers macro and micro OSA trends, empowering you to address availability holistically and improve overall product availability for consumers. Learn more

Partner Solutions that Deliver Massive Value Through a Closed-Loop OSA Offering:
RSi and CROSSMARK have combined their significant retail industry experience and footprint, and deep technology expertise, to create a one-of-a-kind “closed loop” OSA offering called OSA360. This tested, proven solution is designed to help CPGs and retailers maximize their OSA and recapture the millions that are lost each year to OOS and inefficient in-store execution.Learn more
The RSi Advantage

*Maximize On-Shelf Availability and recapture millions in lost sales with near real-time predictive and corrective alerts. At the same time, achieve unparalleled ROI
*Act quickly and decisively on those alerts, which are powered by RSi’s unmatched data granularity at the store/item/day level.
*Significantly improve productivity, dramatically reduce costs, and increase sales and profits by optimizing the full range of go-to-market and in-store executional activities.
*Drive incremental omnichannel sales and profits by proactively optimizing product availability at the DC and in the store.
*Optimize promotional forecasts and allocations to drive incremental sales and maximize promotional investments.

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