Optimize Go-To-Market & In-Store Activities

Unlock the value and operating efficiencies of your field teams by maximizing the results of every store visit, improving productivity and dramatically reducing labor and other costs.

Making Every Store Visit Count

CPG manufacturers invest hundreds of millions each year to optimize go-to-market and in-store execution strategies. The problem is most companies are unable to clearly and factually evaluate the complete ROI of these programs. A key reason is that they lack the data visibility and insight necessary to proactively assess which store to focus on and what actions create the most value. Add in the complex trading partner relationship between retailers, CPGs and broker teams, and the situation becomes even more complicated.

In-StorePower: Empowering Field Teams to Drive Growth, Productivity and Profitability
In-StorePower from RSi is the most comprehensive and proven field team solution that enables CPGs and brokers to analyze and optimize the full range of go-to-market and in-store execution activities. Generating valuable, actionable insights through digital transformation and mobile technologies, In-StorePower significantly improves productivity while dramatically reducing labor and other costs.
With its unparalleled transparency, In-StorePower focuses on the right action, at the right store, at the right time, helping you to generate maximum sales, profits and ROI:

Increase SalesDrive increased sales by improving shelf out-of-stocks (OOS) and enabling the correct and prioritized course of actions to address in-store issues and opportunities
Better SalesReduce operating costs with increased field team efficiencies resulting in reduced labor costs and increased profitability
Increase ROIImprove ROI of field execution investments by optimizing each in-store visit with prescriptive actions focused on the highest value opportunities


Proven Technology Driving In-Store Efficiencies to Maximize Sales & ROI

  • • Understand the incremental sales benefit of every action in store
  • • Focus on higher value actions
  • • Drive availability improvements through informed, data driven actions
  • • Measure ROI across the entire field team

  • • Identify the right retailer, right stores, right frequency of calls, potential ROI at store level
  • • Build focused, intelligently planned routing
  • • Continuously measure and monitor overall route plan effectiveness
  • • Prioritize of tasks against their return value, maximizing field level execution

  • • Closed loop data, reporting and management
  • • Reduce overall ‘click time’ in call
  • • Focus on fixing key issues to drive sales
  • • Fast, reliable data capture, reporting and analysis


The RSi Advantage:

*Sales Benefit: Showing between 3% and 8% positive effect on incremental sales
*Proven ROI: Programs are delivering ~3X return on customer investments
*Broker Efficiency: Reducing zero return activities from 75% to 30% in first year
*Clear Vision: Clarity of opportunities drive improved trading partner relationships

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