RSi Launches Powerful New OSA Solution Designed to Solve Massive Out-of-Stocks Problem

  • OSA End-to-End Delivers a 10-fold Return on Investment (ROI) in Addition to Driving a Significant Increase in Sales for CPGs and Retailers
  • Increases Productivity and Reduces Costs by Optimizing Go-to-Market and In-Store Activities
  • Enables Suppliers and Retailers to Deliver a Frictionless Omnichannel Experience, Strengthening Consumer Loyalty and Boosting Sales and Profits

SAN JOSE, CA – January 23, 2020 – Retail Solutions, Inc. (RSi), the leading provider of technology solutions that enable CPG manufacturers and retailers to grow and profit, today announced the launch of OSA End-to-End, a proven On-Shelf Availability (OSA) solution that helps CPG manufacturers achieve a 10-fold ROI while driving a significant increase in sales. In addition, OSA End-to-End enables CPGs and retailers to drive in-store productivity and significantly reduce costs.

RSi’s breakthrough OSA End-to-End solution maximizes on-shelf availability with near real-time predictive and corrective alerts, leading to millions of dollars in recaptured sales for CPG companies and retailers. At the same time, OSA End-to-End empowers major improvements in inventory management and promotional forecasting, while optimizing go-to-market and in-store execution activities. As a result, field teams can focus on the highest value in-store actions, leading to increased sales and reduced costs for inventory and labor.

OSA End-to-End from RSi is already delivering groundbreaking results for leading CPG manufacturers and retailers worldwide. For example, one of the world’s largest household and paper goods manufacturers used OSA End-to-End to achieve significant OSA improvements at several top retailers, resulting in over $30M in recaptured sales. By working with RSi, the manufacturer registered a 10:1 ROI on its investment.

“Ensuring peak OSA performance is essential to enabling our CPG and retailer clients to grow and thrive in today’s historically challenging retail environment,” said Bert Clement, Chief Executive Officer of RSi. “OSA End-to-End achieves this and more by leveraging RSi’s unparalleled OSA expertise, advanced data science capabilities and global retail domain leadership. From the supply chain to the shelf, OSA End-to-End delivers dramatic improvements in shelf availability, inventory forecasting and management, and in-store execution. Bottom-line, RSi’s clients experience material increases in sales, profitability and ROI with OSA End-to-End.”

“Today, CPG manufacturers and retailers are grappling with serious and persistent issues, such as the business-killing out-of-stocks problem, poor forecasting accuracy, inefficient in-store execution and rising labor costs,” said Kirk W. Wheeler, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for RSi. “Add to those problems the challenge of how to profitably execute the new omnichannel imperative, and you have a ‘perfect storm’ in the current retail landscape. OSA End-to-End really is a game-changer for CPGs and retailers. Not only does it successfully address all of the above challenges, but it delivers proven ROI that literally is off the charts in the global technology industry.”

OSA End-to-End is built on a systematic approach to solving shelf availability issues that addresses the need to take immediate corrective actions for in-store out-of-stocks while uncovering the underlying problems that can cause future gaps at the shelf. The OSA End-to-End approach includes:

  • Correct: Use store movement analysis and algorithms coupled with store inventory position analytics to identify the highest value OOS opportunities and drive in-store corrective actions.
  • Prevent: Deliver preventive recommendations to pre-empt OOS issues through deep-dive data analysis in key areas, such as distribution voids, store compliance, new product execution, seasonal store allocations, and product rundowns.
  • Monitor: Continually measure the effectiveness of the alerting activity and analyze the past events to understand where gaps or spikes occurred to help optimize future alerting activity.


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RSi is the world’s leading provider of proven digital transformation technology solutions that enable CPG manufacturers and retailers to grow, profit and rule – from supply chain to shelf. More than three-quarters of the world’s 50 top CPG companies and nearly 250 of the leading retailers trust RSi’s unparalleled industry knowledge, best-in-class technology solutions, and deep data expertise to generate greater productivity and profitability. CPGs and retailers recapture hundreds of millions of dollars in lost sales each year with RSi’s OSAPower, the world’s #1 on-shelf availability suite of solutions. RSi’s employees, located in 20 locations across the globe, are passionate about empowering customers to rule the shelf and own the future.


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