Optimize OSA From Supply Chain to Shelf

Comprehensive on-shelf availability solution enables CPGs to optimize OSA across their entire business, significantly increasing sales, profits and ROI

Maximize On-Shelf Availability

CPG manufacturers and retailers continue to grapple with serious and persistent On-Shelf Availability (OSA) leakage and the associated significant revenue loss. The global retail industry is further challenged by the growing need to improve omnichannel forecasting accuracy and increase the efficiency of costly in-store execution.

To help CPG manufacturers and retailers to grow and profit in this new environment, RSi has launched OSA End-to-End, a breakthrough OSA solution that maximizes on-shelf availability with near real-time predictive and corrective alerts, improved in-store execution and preventive analysis. Using OSA End-to-End, CPGs can recapture millions of dollars in lost sales while achieving an unparalleled 10-fold return on investment.

Get the Shelf Right with OSA End-to-End

  • » Delivers a 10-fold ROI in addition to driving significant increases in sales for CPGs and their retailer partners
  • » Empowers major improvements in inventory management and promotional forecasting
  • » Increases productivity and reduces costs by optimizing go-to-market and in-store activities
  • » Enables frictionless omnichannel experience, strengthening consumer loyalty and boosting sales and profits
Solve the Massive Out-of-Stocks Problem with a Proven, Powerful End-to-End Strategy:
  • Correct:Use store movement analysis and algorithms coupled with store inventory position analytics to identify the highest value OOS opportunities and drive in-store corrective actions.
  • Prevent: Deliver preventive recommendations to pre-empt OOS issues through deep-dive data analysis in key areas, such as distribution voids, store compliance, new product execution, seasonal store allocations, and product rundowns.
  • Monitor: Continually measure the effectiveness of the alerting activity and analyze the past events to understand where gaps or spikes occurred to help optimize future alerting activity.

To maximize on-shelf availability and increase sales, RSi recommends suppliers take a comprehensive approach to addressing OSA. This means tackling out-of-stocks and other shelf issues in near real-time while executing against a longer-term plan to uncover the underlying drivers of OSA issues and prevent future shelf availability gaps. Or as we call it: Correct, Prevent and Monitor.

Customers Adopting an End-to-End Approach Already See Unheard of ROI

OSA End-to-End from RSi is already delivering groundbreaking results for leading CPG manufacturers and retailers worldwide. For example, one of the world’s largest household and paper goods manufacturers used OSA End-to-End to achieve significant OSA improvements at several top retailers, resulting in over $30M in recaptured sales. By working with RSi, the manufacturer registered a 10:1 ROI on its investment.

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