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RSi and Kargo Enable CPG Brands to Maximize Return on Mobile Ad Spend

Increasingly, shopper marketers are tasked with driving sales to their high priority retailers. The big challenge is how to connect the success of online campaigns to in-store results. Furthermore, brands want to ensure that the data and success they see from online campaigns are accurate.

Ansa, the leading automated campaign analytics solution from Retail Solutions, Inc. (RSi), enables CPG brands do just that. Ansa analyzes daily, store-specific sales for major retailers. Using these real-time, data-driven insights, Ansa automatically optimizes and measures the in-store effectiveness of digital shopper marketing campaigns run on ad networks, while also enabling CPGs to fine-tune strategies for future brand campaigns.

Through its newly launched partnership with RSi, Kargo now provides the direct measurement capability that delivers the statistics customers can trust. In a time when ad fraud and metrics inflation have become worse than ever, Kargo’s partnership with RSi gives CPG brands another level of transparency, showcasing the direct correlation between exposure to a Kargo ad and resulting sales lift. Equally important, this new Kargo/RSi offering provides a credible and measurable alternative to advertising with the duopoly of Facebook and Google.

The RSi partnership enables Kargo customers to maximize their outcomes, with access to detailed reporting and measurement, including:

  • Test vs. Control Methodology
  • 24/7 Access to Online Dashboard
  • In-flight reporting for optimization based on store level sales performance
  • Post-Campaign Measurement & Analytics: end campaign visualization, top line results, targeting efficiency, store sales and trends, high performing store demographics, weekly breakout and post campaign results


If you’re interested in learning more about how RSi and Kargo are working together to combat metric inflation and help CPGs increase ROI on ad campaigns, read the press release here.

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