Customer Success

Our Customer-Driven Mission: Enabling You to Grow, Profit and Rule

At RSi, our goal is to help customers become experts at managing, monitoring and monetizing their most valuable retail and operational data – so they can rule their business, from supply chain to shelf. We provide all of our customers with an extensive network of services to empower their success throughout their relationship with RSi.

The RSi Customer Success team has an unparalleled commitment to deliver strong value to customers. Value can mean different things to different companies and people, so we work with you to build a plan that ensures you are always very satisfied with your investment in our technology solutions. This plan is built on the key benefits that are at the core of the RSi brand promise: driving incremental sales, reducing inventory overhead, generating labor efficiencies via reporting automation, improving on-shelf availability, etc.

RSi’s proprietary Value Cycle program serves as the foundation for this plan and fuels our approach to customer support and success. Our cyclical process starts with calibrating the “size of the prize” to drive priority “business cases,” followed by a mutually agreed-to business plan for executing those business cases. From there, we identify the appropriate RSi templates and process maps to “activate” and “execute,” and then close out with “measurement of results.”



To complement and enhance the ROI gained through our Value Cycle program, RSi provides several vital resources in support of you and your team:

CPG Account Managers
  • »Our account management team is available to support you throughout the Value Cycle. This team is also responsible for facilitating best practice sharing, disseminating product updates and insights, supporting new business opportunities, ensuring that all customer functions are getting value from RSi’s products and applications, and driving strategic projects to completion.
Retail Account Managers
  • »Along with our CPG account management team, we have dedicated Retail Account Managers assigned to a wide range of retailers around the world. Their mission is to function as the bridge that connects the retailer and its CPG community, and to ensure that priorities are in alignment, success is being shared, and that the innovation pipeline continues to grow.
Support Services
  • »In addition to our account management teams, we offer world-class product and data support services. At the heart of these support services is the global Customer Success Center, which has personnel on three continents to support RSi’s customers in their native languages, at any time of day or night. The Customer Success Center team has a passion for driving customer loyalty and building personal relationships with each interaction, as evidenced by its industry leading 99% customer ticket satisfaction rating.
Community and Knowledge Base
  • »We also maintain a broad selection of informational and educational materials in our Community and Knowledge Base for newcomers as well as veterans of our products and applications. This rich online content is available on-demand for customers to quickly and efficiently leverage – not only to empower them to maximize the benefit and value from our industry-leading solutions and tools, but also for sharing proven best practices that help them grow, profit and rule.
  • »Through the RSi University training platform, RSi offers a composite of flexible training solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customer community, accommodating visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles. We offer courses across our full product stack, and complement all e-learning courses with instructor-led trainings, from in-person sessions or private web training,s to public group webinars.

Each of these services is designed with you, our customers, in mind. We are constantly updating and improving how we can provide even more exceptional customer service as the global consumer products and retail industry continues to change and present new challenges every day.

Bottom line, all of these services are about helping you to optimize the ROI of RSi’s solutions and services, so you can succeed and win, now and in the future.

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