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Case Study: Maximize Sales By Identifying Non-compliant Stores

A top-25 CPG manufacturer was struggling to identify the root cause for a drop in sales of one of their biggest selling products. The stock levels for the product appeared normal, but it still wasn’t moving at the same healthy pace as previously. Even after an in-depth data analysis and discussions with their retailer partner, the CPG was unable to diagnose the sales decline problem, which now dragged on for a fourth week in a row.

RSi leveraged one of its 10 pre-built report templates to enable the CPG to get to the root cause of the issue. RSi’s Store Compliance report indicated that the CPG supplier’s stock levels appeared normal but in actuality their product had not sold in a significant number of days. In fact, the number of stores that had not scanned in 20+ days was very high. Even worse, a significant number of stores had not scanned in 90+ days. Clearly, there was a serious store non-compliance situation that was driving the declining sales of the product.

The Store Compliance report provided the CPG with the actionable insights they needed to work with the retailer to take the right action to rectify the problem. The retailer ordered a reset of inventory count for the product in each store and carefully tracked the sales, leading to these dramatically improved results:

    • 21 days after the reset, 42% of the stores scanned the product and the CPG recaptured $21K in restarted sales.
    • 60 days after the reset, 76% of stores had scanned and the recaptured sales rose to $50K.


With its powerful, but simple to use, pre-built report template, RSi armed the CPG with the timely data and insights they needed to collaborate successfully with the retailer to solve the problem, and track and report the positive results.

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