Professional Services Group

CPGs grow and profit by leveraging RSI’s unmatched industry experience and data management expertise to meet their full range of data visualization, analytics and business intelligence needs.

Professional Services Group

RSi’s new Professional Services Group (PSG) leverages deep global domain experience and unmatched supply chain and data management expertise to provide unique, cost-efficient technology tools and consulting support that enable CPG manufacturers to grow, profit and rule.

Since 2003, RSi has led the way in building best-in-class technology solutions that enable CPG manufacturers to manage, monitor and monetize their most valuable data, from supply chain to shelf. PSG ensures that suppliers and their trading partners have comprehensive visibility across the supply chain to manage compliance and availability across every channel – from in-store purchases, to e-commerce, to “Click & Collect.”

RSi clients have access to a team of industry specialists and technology experts that stands ready to help them with the full range of data visualization, analytics and business intelligence needs including:
  • »Specialized and cost efficient data management services.
  • »Analytics services that extract the maximum benefit from retailer data driving insights, action and value.
  • »Customized reports needed across the enterprise delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right format.
  • »Access to a library of standard report templates focused on best practices and updated regularly.
  • »Capitalize on transformative AI technologies including Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

By working with the PSG, you can leverage RSi’s industry expertise and consulting support in key technology areas like data management including ETL (Extract, Transformation & Loading), and key business areas like OOS/on-shelf availability, supply chain and omnichannel management, promotional forecasting and allocation.

You Rule with the PSG’s best-in-class – and surprisingly affordable – consulting services support.

The RSi Advantage:
*Deep global domain expertise from supply chain to shelf
*Retailer data pioneer with unmatched industry experience
*Comprehensive and cost efficient services

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