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RSi’s mission is to enable CPG manufacturers and retailers (like you) to leverage innovative data management, analytics and AI-driven technologies to drive stronger growth and profits. In other words, our job is to help You Rule!

And that’s also the focus of our new blog. Here, you’ll find the latest news and information from the front lines of the global retail industry. In particular, we will report on and discuss the essential strategies and technologies that the world’s leading CPG manufacturers and retailers are deploying right now to maximize their supply chains, optimize on-shelf availability, automate promotional forecasting and allocation, and strengthen retail execution.

For example, in an upcoming blog we will debunk some of the persistent “myths” about the out-of-stocks (OOS) problem that negatively impacts retail businesses across the planet, from Boston to Beijing. Following that, we will dive into one of the hottest topics animating today’s retail industry: omnichannel. More to the point, what are some of the best, and most practical, approaches to create, implement and manage a retail omnichannel strategy that will make your shoppers just as happy as your CFO. (And also make sure that your growing “click & collect” strategy doesn’t kill your in-store shopping experience due to increased OOS issues.)

Looking further ahead, we will also publish blogs on cutting edge promotional forecasting models, how predictive alerts are solving on-shelf availability issues, and the retail industry’s favorite Unicorn, the “virtual shelf.”

Our aim is to share practical, real-world information, data and case studies that are designed to help you improve your business, whether you are a global CPG company looking to increase sales and promotional ROI, or a mid-sized drug store chain embracing the latest analytics technology. Our promise is simple: The information, knowledge and advice that you’ll discover on the RSi blog will help you thrive today, and own the future.

In today’s rapidly changing, digitally-driven world, it’s been said that the retail industry is data rich and knowledge poor. We agree. RSi is fundamentally all about building, and helping you to capitalize on, the most advanced technologies that transform data into knowledge, and knowledge into insights that empower you to act decisively, and win.

In that spirit, we hope our new blog will help You Rule!

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