RSi uses best-in-class technology to power its proven products and solutions that enable CPG manufacturers and retailers to maximize sales, availability and profitability – from supply chain to shelf.

Data Management

The global retail industry is awash in data but starved for knowledge. RSi uses its unmatched data management expertise to transform huge volumes of data into knowledge and actionable insights, enabling CPG manufacturers and retailers to grow sales and increase profitability.

That’s why 27 of the world’s top 30 CPG companies and nearly 250 of the leading retailers rely every day on RSi’s deep data management expertise. Our unparalleled experience and expertise in collecting, harmonizing and cleansing massive volumes of structured and unstructured data represents a major competitive advantage for CPG and retailer clients. In addition, RSi leverages stream ingestion, cloud hosting and elastic computing technologies to collect and manage customer data and prepare it for transformation into actionable insights.

With these world-class data management capabilities, RSi’s customers can manage, monitor and monetize the most valuable retail data. This includes real-time POS, inventory and supply chain data for millions of items, sold in over 50,000 retail locations around the globe.

RSi’s data management expertise is essential to providing clients with comprehensive visibility across the supply chain, empowering them to optimize availability, increase sales and ensure compliance across every channel – from in-store purchases, to e-commerce, to “Click & Collect.”

Digital Transformation

RSi’s cloud-based technology solutions leverage advanced digital technologies – such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) – that are rapidly transforming the consumer products and retailing industries on a global scale. These emerging digital and analytics technologies are already enhancing predictive capabilities in supply chain management, including forecasting, allocation and alerting to optimize on-shelf availability and automate forecasting and allocation.

Optimize Your Market Position, Drive Profitability – From Supply Chain To Shelf

Every single day, RSi helps clients to tap into these transformative technologies to address their full range of data management and analytics needs. Our powerful digital transformation engine helps CPG companies and retailers to create the actionable, real-time and highly accurate insights that allow them to significantly improve and expand their results. RSi’s digital transformation technologies include:

  • » Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • » Deep Learning
  • » Natural Language Processing
  • » Robotic Process Automation
  • » Data Science

These digital tools and applications drive superior accuracy as well as powerful predictive capabilities that produce better, more timely decisions, stronger CPG/retailer collaboration, and significantly greater ROI via every channel.

With RSi’s advanced digital technology, You Rule.

Partnership with Microsoft: Cloud and Data Visualization/Analytics

RSi is proud to be partnering with Microsoft, one of the world’s premier technology and cloud-computing companies. Microsoft is supplying the cloud infrastructure and data visualization and business analytics tools that are at the heart of RSi’s industry-leading products and solutions.

As the exclusive POS data management partner for the Microsoft Connected Supplier Partner Program, RSi handles one of the world’s largest implementations of retail POS data in the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. This means that RSi’s CPG and retailer clients worldwide have access to the latest and most advanced technologies from one of the most respected cloud computing providers, Microsoft Azure.

In addition, RSi is using Microsoft’s Power BI technology to drive the core data visualization and analytics capabilities of its products and solutions. Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that delivers business ready insights through beautiful reports that can be conveniently consumed across all devices, from the web to mobile devices.


RSi provides its customers with real-time visibility into (and analysis of) the richest omnichannel data sets in the industry, including sales, order origination and order fulfillment data. Our omnichannel capabilities allow CPG manufacturers and retailers to optimize their business across every channel, from in-store purchases, to e-commerce, to “Click & Collect.”

Specifically, RSi’s omnichannel solutions and services give you the power to:
  • » Track and trend online and in-store sales every day, by UPC and by store/region
  • » Forecast future sales by channel, UPC and by store/region
  • » Predict demand patterns across fulfillment centers, DCs, and/or stores
  • » Manage the ever-increasing demands that both online and in-store sales are placing on in-store inventory levels

With state-of-the-art reporting and data visualization solutions (delivered through Power BI from Microsoft), all RSi customers have the visibility, agility and intelligence they need to dynamically manage their omnichannel businesses every day.

Optimizing the New Omnichannel Retail Environment

Our omnichannel strategies and tools also “future proof” clients for the impending explosion of predictive and IoT data and new unstructured data sets – giving the world’s most demanding CPG companies and retailers the confidence to choose RSi as their preferred, global supplier of retail POS analytics and data.

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