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Retail Intelligence

Retail Intelligence – Boost the Value of Downstream Data

RSi-RI imageDownstream data comes into the system in a torrent and the sheer scale makes the task of detailed POS + inventory data for every item, for every store, for every day. That scale makes the task of finding meaning, calculating averages and listing exceptions overwhelming. CPGs need an actionable set of insights to quickly glance through the data, identify opportunities, solve issues and ultimately drive ROI. Built on RSi’s industry-leading Retail Data Management infrastructure, Retail Intelligence supports both large and small CPG companies, driving and automating best practices through workflows for individual roles and processes. The system embeds 50+ use cases in the templates, including on-shelf availability, promotions, inventory management, replenishment, demand planning, new product introductions, rundowns, unsaleables, pricing, field sales management and channel management.

Retail Intelligence Mobile – View Business Data anytime, anyplace on mobile devices

Retail_Intelligence_MobileAs we all know, business people and consumers rely more and more on tablets and smartphones for instant access to information. New technologies are in development that promise to continue the mobile revolution. CPG manufacturers and retailers must include mobile applications in their overall strategy to compete effectively in fast-paced markets. This is especially true for the supply chain. As the pace of business continues to accelerate, meeting the need to access and act on information from anywhere is vital to keeping up with this momentum. Retail Solutions lets customers view business data anytime, anyplace – on mobile devices.

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