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COVID-19 Empty Shelves

Navigate COVID-19’s Impact On Your Business With Help From RSi

COVID-19 is having a seismic effect on the retail industry from how people shop to how businesses operate. To help customers navigate these uncharted waters better, faster, smarter, RSi has existing Essential Growth Drivers* available for immediate use, included with users’ Retail Visibility subscription:


Visualize latest trends of sales and inventory

RSi Performance Dashboard


Detect Store and DC overstocks with the potential to redeploy inventory to stores in need

RSi Excess Stock


Identify potential phantom inventory situations to close gaps on shelf

RSi Distribution Void


Understand the current impact on your business drivers, including promotion lift from increased store traffic

RSi Weekly Trends


Take cues from identified store out-of-stocks and low days of supply to maximize DC inventory flow

RSi Store Compliance

Customers can visit RSi’s Knowledge Hub to learn more about the Essential Growth Drivers and how to access them today. We will be hosting training webinars for useres March 19th, March 26th and April 2nd to dive into best practice uses.

If you have questions about implementing or utilizing any of these tools, or if there are other burning issues we can potentially help your team solve, the RSi Customer Success Center ([email protected]) or your Strategic Account Manager is ready and willing to assist. 

If you are not a current RSi customer, but are interested in learning more about how we can help your team navigate COVID-19 click the link below. 

We’re here to help you manage today and recover tomorrow. 

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