First Closed-Loop Solution Designed to Help CPGs and Retailers Maximize Their On-Shelf Availability (OSA)


On-shelf availability (OSA) issues continue to plague suppliers and their retailer partners. Currently, out-of-stock (OOS) problems cause an estimated $130 billion in annual lost sales in the US retail industry alone, and as e-commerce order fulfillment with in-store inventory increases, OOS challenges will continue to grow.

Many have attempted to address this epidemic by implementing a variety of technologies to monitor data and inventory accuracy, and enlisting faster replenishment times or increased shelf capacity. More recently, out-of-stock and display compliance alerts have been deployed. Still the massive OOS problem persists.

Suppliers still face key issues when employing any current solutions due to a lack of end-to-end integration:

  • »Alerts Unattended: A significant number of OOS alerts generated are either not addressed in a timely fashion (or never addressed at all), given merchandiser frequency in stores.
  • »Incremental Costs: OSA solutions rely on two independent companies (a data company for the alerts and a merchandising company for the in-store execution) to address the OOS problem, resulting in a disjointed approach that drives up incremental costs.


With OSA360, RSi and CROSSMARK are combining their significant retail industry experience and footprint, and deep technology expertise, to create a one-of-a-kind “closed loop” OSA offering. The new solution is designed to help CPGs and retailers maximize their OSA and recapture the millions that are lost each year to OOS and inefficient in-store execution.

The OSA360 Difference:


  • »Significant retail industry experience
  • »Expansive footprint
  • »Deep technology expertise
  • »Unique “closed loop” OSA offering
  • »Scalable solution delivering clear and superior ROI
  • »Seamless, single-source solution

OSA360 enables CPG manufacturers to have more collaborative and transparent conversations with their retailers, driving OSA improvements and incremental sales to maximize profitability and consumer loyalty.

The OSA360 Advantage for CPG Companies:
*Real-time visibility into your OSA levels, leading to a more efficient supply chain
*Retailer endorsed with permissions to drive in-store interventions
*Proactive alerts to fix upstream supply chain issues to prevent OOS before they happen
*Increased innovation success, including more effective launches
*Take action to address any OOS alerts quickly
*Fast correction of and compliance for identified, in-store issues
*Tangible ROI driven by transparency of in-store actions
*Better execution of promotional events
*Mobile app-enabled visibility for everyone from HQ to field sales

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