Retail Shelf Alerting:
On-Shelf Availability & Reporting

Recapture millions in lost sales and enhance shopper satisfaction and loyalty with OSAPower's Retail Shelf Alerting, the world’s #1 on-shelf availability solution.

Retail Shelf Alerting: On-Shelf Availability & Alerting

CPG manufacturers, along with their trading partners, have long been in search of the “Perfect Shelf:” A shelf that contains the exact product a consumer wants, in the right store, at the right time, in the right quantities, at the right value. While seemingly simple in concept, consumers are still disappointed roughly 10% of the time and can’t complete their purchases as intended.

Although they can be related, On-Shelf Availability (OSA) does differ from an Out-of-Stock (OOS), which typically does not consider a product void if it is in the store (i.e., could be damaged, could be in the back room, could be in the wrong shelf location, etc.).

RSi helps CPG manufacturers drive sales and profits by ruling the shelf with Retail Shelf Alerting, part of the world’s most used and trusted OSA suite of solutions, OSAPower. Here’s what Retail Shelf Alerting provides:
  • »Visibility with a single portal
  • »Actionability at the store and item level
  • »Speed to value
  • »Proven accuracy and ROI worldwide
  • »User-friendly and interactive user interface
  • »Data granularity and predictive alerts

With Retail Shelf Alerting, users first establish a baseline through standard OSA metrics across the enterprise. Then, they leverage that data in a granular view (down to store-item-day level) to understand the pockets of opportunity.

Alerts are also available to provide direction by focusing on identifying specific problems that need addressing. Users report the actions taken to resolve these problems, uncovering trends over time that may require process changes. This feedback, coupled with machine learning, helps refine alert accuracy.

Alerts can help in a range of scenarios, including:
  • »New product information forecasts
  • »Phantom inventory
  • »Promotions communications
  • »Inventory stuck in back room
  • »Planogram compliance
  • »Store allocations
  • »Item-store level forecasting
  • »Damaged products
  • »Shelf-facing errors

Boosting OSA improvements (while reducing OOS), combined with accurate alerts, generates mutual benefits for all trading partners involved through a collaborative infrastructure.



CPG manufacturers can incorporate IRIS to grow sales, boost profitability and ultimately improve the overall shopper experience – helping them to rule, from supply chain to shelf.

The RSi Advantage:

*Extensive industry/OSA knowledge and data expertise.
*The most OSA installs globally (100k OSA alerts issued daily, $1B recaptured sales).
*Advanced reporting tools and data science center of excellence.

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