Retail Execution Optimization: Go-To-Market

Using actual store-level, daily sales data, REO helps retailers to optimize their retail execution programs to significantly improve sales, better manage shelf inventory, and increase labor efficiencies.

Retail Execution Optimization: Go-To-Market

Today, retailers and their third party brokers invest hundreds of millions to optimize their strategies in retail stores. While empirical evidence supports tremendous levels of value creation from these activities, most companies are unable to clearly and factually evaluate the ROI of these programs, and lack the data foundation to understand where to focus. Add to that trading partner relationships involving retailers, suppliers, and broker teams, and the situation becomes even more complicated.

RSi’s Retail Execution Optimization (REO) solution, collects systematic, intervention-level information about retail execution programs and ties it with actual store-level, daily sales data in order to bring unparalleled transparency to this major area of investment.

From building the optimal routing plan and determining the ideal visit based on near-real time data, to supporting comprehensive ROI mechanisms and building a constant, automated improvement loop, REO from RSi enables retailers to build up the productivity and effectiveness of in-store investments to dramatically grow the sales these programs create. Additionally, REO offers continuous best practices via RSi’s industry experts – all with retailer, broker and data experience.

The workflow combines the power of data, improved store execution and an intuitive process cloud:
  • »Field Data Capture: Records all field team activity by type, using RSi reports or any mobility solution.
  • »Integrated Closed Loop: Intervention data is inputted (from the field) and fed back into measurement tool.
  • »Current Process Analysis: Standard measurement establishes a baseline to identify areas of opportunity.
  • »Insights for Action: Tailored recommendations direct ‘next best action’ for store visits, and drive value.
  • »Comprehensive Data Source: App learns and logs compelling store information of what is working best.

Retailers that use RSi’s Retail Execution Optimization will improve overall visibility of store merchandising activities, increase basket size by improving OSA, manage shelf inventory through OOS alerting, and increase labor efficiencies. REO reduces overall loss/waste and assists retailers in controlling store access and activities of brokers and/or CPGs.

The RSi Advantage:

*Programs deliver ~3x return on customer investments.
*Clarity of opportunities that drive improved trading partner relationships.
*Device agnostic with initial consultancy from team of experts.

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