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RSi Launches OmniPower Silver to Help CPGs Ignite Omnichannel Growth

Due in larger part to the worldwide spread of COVID-19, the tipping point has arrived for E-Commerce. In the United States alone, a 6% growth in E-Commerce penetration took 10 years, while in the first 8 weeks of the pandemic we saw an additional 11% increase. However, it’s not just the U.S. – E-Commerce has skyrocketed across the globe. In China, online grocery shopping is still up 29% post-COVID-19, while the share of online grocery sales in the UK doubled in only 12 weeks. While we may see a small drop off in use of E-Commerce for grocery, consumers worldwide have expedited the growth of the market by 5 years.

CV-19 has shifted shopper behavior permanently and the time is NOW for Retail & CPG to embrace technological channels to meet this new demand. During the pandemic, Walmart saw a 74% increase in online buying. CEO Doug McMillian commented on the shift, highlighting that “customers who use online grocery spent nearly 50% more than customers who shop only in stores. This is the customer we’re going after; The shopper in our sweet spot who accesses Walmart in multiple ways.” Retailers know that they need to focus on online and grocery E-Commerce. It’s up to CPG’s to ensure they’re upping the game, by optimizing their E-Commerce performance, in order to be prepared for this “new normal.”

In response to the urgency for CPGs to meet this new demand, RSi is excited to introduce our OmniPower Silver Solution for Walmart. This new solution helps CPGs gain speed to insight, value and action across all channels with a one stop, intuitive and dynamic dashboard that provides the platform to accelerate business with the retailer​. OmniPower Silver enables teams to:

  • Reduce inefficiency by visualizing Omnichannel trends across all BaN & DotCom channels at the touch of a button
  • Drive focus with the ability to quickly identify under-performing categories, brands & items including Lost Sales opportunity
  • Maximize relationships and revenue while enabling teams to drive the right discussions to unlock lost sales & drive KPIs

Powered by RSi’s latest turnkey technology, we do the heavy lifting on the data, giving time back to your employees and increasing productivity. With weekly data updates published in a dynamic and user friendly solution, teams are enabled to focus on the things that matter to drive performance. In this new, post-COVID-19 world, being a competitive player in E-commerce is paramount and having the solutions at hand to get you there is just as important.

To learn more about getting OmniPower Silver at Walmart for your team, please reach out to us here.

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