Retail Excellence

Retail Excellence at the store

Many studies across the world have shown consistently high out-of-stock rates averaging ~8%, resulting in lost sales of ~4%. Because broad-based, long-term tracking is the first step in addressing this perennial issue, RSi offers an enhancement to on-shelf-availability and management solutions, enabling tracking of OSA rates and pricing over time, at the store-shelf level.

Built for sales, supply chain, forecasting and marketing management, Retail Excellence identifies chronic availability and price compliance issues, determines long-term sales impact of availability and pricing, and helps you make strategic decisions based on near real-time data. What’s more, this solution helps you understand long-term effectiveness of supply chain and retail execution activities to ensure products are available for purchase by consumers. With this knowledge you can adjust forecasts based on true unconstrained demand and target product/store combinations with deteriorating or consistently poor availability rates to determine where long-term remedial action is required.