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Business-Building Omnichannel Strategies for CPG Manufactures and Retailers

According to a newly published white paper from FMI and RSi, it’s estimated that “successfully solving for omnichannel forecasting and fulfillment can lead to a 2.5-2.7% increase in total company sales” for CPG manufacturers. For retailers, that increase is 1.7-1.9%. That’s real growth that can translate into real profits.

With the rapid rise of e-commerce and the increasing dominance of smartphones and other mobile devices in driving online shopping growth, consumers now demand the convenience of shopping how, when, and through which channel they choose. This growing omnichannel shift is both a challenge and an opportunity for the global retail industry. Retailers and CPG manufacturers alike can maximize their growth and profitability by embracing the growing omnichannel imperative and making it a key part of their business strategy and operational approach.

RSi’s new Integrated Forecasting & Fulfillment white paper, recently developed as part of FMI’s groundbreaking “Operational Imperative” series, outlines a proven, powerful omnichannel strategy and operational approach for CPG manufacturers and retailers. With this new omnichannel model, CPGs and retailers can maximize on-shelf availability (OSA), while giving their consumers the freedom to shop when and how they choose.

This newly published whitepaper asks and provides practical answers to the following questions:

  • Are you on the path to ensure your company makes the most of every omnichannel interaction?
  • Are you ensuring that your growing “click-and-collect” business doesn’t disappoint profitable in-store shoppers with out-of-stocks?
  • Is your inventory maintained in a way that positively impacts revenue growth?
  • Is your current tech infrastructure able to support real-time, predictive analysis and forecasting, essential for omnichannel success?


Check out the latest insights for developing a successful operational omnichannel strategy in the Integreated Forecasting & Fulfillment white paper from FMI and RSi. Learn today how you can grow, profit and rule by having the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

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