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Embracing the Digital Revolution: Five Digital Transformation Imperatives for CPG Manufacturers and Retailers

The retail industry is undergoing radical changes brought on by the continuing rise of e-commerce, changing consumer tastes and shopping behaviors, and growing competition. In order for CPGs and retailers to survive and thrive in this increasingly challenging business environment, they need to embrace the right digital strategies and tools to succeed. This requires cutting through the “noise” about digital transformation and focusing on the “signals” that will point the way to increased growth and profits.

Join RSi and SmartBrief on Thursday, June 6 at 2pm EDT in an exclusive webinar featuring The Dialogic Group’s Thom Blischok, one of the global retail industry’s leading visionaries on CPG growth strategy, and retail industry veteran Jim Smits, RSi’s VP of Retail Development – North America. During this forward-looking webinar, Thom and Jim will discuss proven, practical strategies for how digital is transforming the retail industry and what CPG manufacturers can do to take control and be a disruptor instead of being disrupted.

You’ll walk away with specific and practical actions you can take to address the five digital transformation imperatives that CPG manufacturers and retailers must embrace today to win, including:

  • How to transform your massive volumes of retail data into the valuable knowledge that you can activate immediately to turbo-charge sales and increase profitability
  • Why predictive analytics are the key to solving your out-of-stocks problems, and recapturing millions in lost sales
  • How to create powerful, profitable collaborative partnerships with retailer partners to implement an omnichannel solution that maximizes new models like “click-and-collect”
  • How to use artificial intelligence and other advanced digital technologies for a smarter approach to promotions
  • How to use digital technologies to optimize go-to-market and in-store executional strategies

Don’t be one of the disrupted in the new digital retail environment. Join our exclusive webinar and learn how you can RULE retail by being a digital disruptor! Register here, and if you are unable to attend, we’ll send you the webinar on demand to watch at your convenience.


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