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Checklist for Maximizing Growth and Profits with Data Analytics

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and retailers are well aware of the old maxim that the retail industry is “data rich and knowledge poor.” But, to obtain the data-driven knowledge you need, how do you sift through the “noise” of today’s high velocity, hyper competitive retail marketplace? And, how do you identify, analyze and activate the critical “knowledge signals” in that retail data explosion so you can compete at the highest level and win big?

RSi has collaborated with some of the world’s leading CPG manufacturers and retailers to determine the essential analytics strategies and proven processes that will help you to zero in on the critical insights and actions that will produce dramatically greater revenue outcomes.

For example: Are you able to highlight critical opportunities to substantially increase productivity and sales, while driving down costs? And, can you achieve that across the entire product lifecycle? In addition, do you have the data management capabilities to monitor new product performance against critical KPIs, and then benchmark those products against the new item set and the existing portfolio?

Assessing your current data analytics and management strategies is vital to ensuring that you’re getting the insights and executing the actions needed to compete and win every day. With the constant overflow of retail data, it can be easy to get lost in keeping up as opposed to looking at new and innovative ways to analyze the data you have.

Download RSi’s newly released Data Analytics Checklist: How to Maximize Your Growth, Profits & Success to see if you are truly ready to rule your data – from supply chain to shelf.  

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