Big Data – Predictive Analytics – Brand Growth;  Every Day

Ensuring products are on the shelf in every store, every day. GO
Predict shifting demand needs and patterns. GO
Proactively address demand for New Product Launches GO
Shelf awareness & insights for your products GO
Driving Value for CPGs
CPGs gain actionable insights into their data to increase sales and improve inventory.
Retailer Collaboration
Business processes that align objectives and share data on POS, inventory, price, and lots more… at the store/shelf level every day!
Big Data — Big Opportunity
Moving from reactive to predictive analytics and visualizing the results across the enterprise for better decisions every day.


RSi is proud to be associated with this ECR event and its goal of increasing collaboration and building trust between supply chain partners.


Moderated by Supermarket News, the third installment of our four part, Retail Expert Webinar Series features our own Jennifer Beasley (RSi) alongside Jason Whitmer (Cleveland Research) and takes a tactical look at applying actionable data to retailers' pressing problems.


Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi) is excited to host this webinar as part of our Best Practice Webinar Series designed specifically for Retail Executives. The Series is hosted in our new Collaboration Forum designed to...

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