Big Data – Predictive Analytics – Brand Growth;  Every Day

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Driving Value for Suppliers
Suppliers gain actionable insights into their data to increase sales and improve inventory.
Retailer Collaboration
Business processes that align objectives and share data on POS, inventory, price, and lots more… at the store/shelf level every day!
Big Data — Big Opportunity
Moving from reactive to predictive analytics and visualizing the results across the enterprise for better decisions every day.


By working in collaboration with a number of suppliers, Asda and RSi have championed a process that has boosted revenue by £20m within 10 months....


Retailers and suppliers search for ways to close the data-sharing gulf and create business value.


CPG companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on store visits today – yet lack a fact-based, systematic way to measure the performance of their investment.

Some of the companies who trust RSi