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Shopper Marketing Optimization

Shopper Marketing Optimization (SMO) for Brands

RSi-Shopper-Marketing-OptimizationRSi Shopper Marketing Optimization (SMO) is an innovative online tool empowering Shopper Marketers to design, monitor and evaluate every shopper marketing campaign, while leveraging leading-edge workflow solutions to manage campaign planning and execution. Whether your campaigns are run in partnership with an agency, an ad network or internally, RSi SMO allows you to make fact-based decisions on the best tactics, evaluate their respective effectiveness and build the knowledge base to sustainably shape your competitive advantage.



TARGET your investment against target shoppers by geography, retailer and media tactic.




PLAN your campaigns by laying down a media plan by retailer, category, brand, campaign, event and media tactic. Also, monitor vs budget.



DELIVER your campaigns flawlessly by enabling efficient delivery of all the agreed activities; on time, budget and in line with plan.



MEASURE and OPTIMIZE your results automatically, for every event, at the event level. Build a repository of results over time to inform future investment choices based on expected return. 

RSi SMO: The path to optimizing the ROI from every shopper marketing event

RSi Shopper Marketing Optimization Benefits

SMO for Brands solution allows you to automate all the daily work that goes into planning, managing and executing your shopper marketing events. Want to learn more about how SMO for Brands work and how it can make your life easier? Contact us at or visit our now!