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POS Baseline Forecast

POS_groceryForecasting is vital to any supply chain. However, forecasts are often wildly wrong!

The culprit in many cases is incomplete data. Today, there is a deluge of information from the sheer number of products and distribution points that differ in source and value. Integrating POS data makes your forecast that much more reliable, allowing you to cut inventory, improve availability, and decrease logistics costs.

POS data is the richest source of information to determine your programs’ effectiveness. RSi leverages data that reflects what consumers are buying every day from every store. Data that is closest to the customer provides forecasting that is much more precise with lower error rates, and visibility into the supply chain.

Using POS Baseline Forecasting, CPG organizations can:

  • Reduce large forecast errors
  • Lower their safety stocks
  • Automate forecasting by building best practices across the organization
  • Improve forecasting accuracy by 10%


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