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On-Shelf-Availability Alerting

Generate item- or store-specific alerts for field teams and merchandisers

RSi addresses all root causes of on-shelf-availability (OSA) both tactically and strategically. Our data-driven approach, based on multiple algorithms to identify all types of out-of-stocks, is complemented by a comprehensive suite of solutions that structurally improves on-shelf availability. Our goal is to help suppliers design optimal shelf plans, create better forecasts and execute flawlessly rather than correct an issue after the fact.


OSA alert accuracy is a red herring

The success of an OSA program should be based on recovered sales, not with a theoretical and easily challengeable measure of accuracy. Why do we propose value rather than alert accuracy for measurement? The definition for OSA is often inconsistent across instances. A majority of these instances are very short out-of-stocks – either intra-day or the issue will be fixed the next morning. Insufficient data can leads to errors and the potential for poor alert outcomes. Even if the data is correct, most suppliers visit a specific store once a week at best, increasing the likelihood that corrections have already occurred…and the list continues. By instead focusing on the recovered sales, the supplier increases its opportunities to reap full rewards from field teams or merchandisers.

  • Understand the real impact of OSA on your sales

Use RSi’s industry-leading potential to measure the lost sales for every out-of-stock, long or shot, fast- or slow-moving, partial or total.

  • Improve the productivity of each store visit

Leverage near-real time data to build a customized to-do-list for each agent to ensure optimal value from your time in the store.

  • Manage against your strategic priorities, not tactics

Decide what is most important to you – activities, products, sales vs. logistical support – and automate these priorities in the alert set.

  • Integrate our alerts in your mobile solution

Rather than reinvent the wheel, use our alerts in your solution, then send us your feedback to further improve the alert quality.

  • Manage the true ROI of your program

With RSi’s Retail Execution Optimization solution, understand the productivity of each action, to measure every recaptured sale and understand the most productive type of actions.

  • Let our data-drive approach drive your sales growth

Incorporate your field program into a holistic program that recaptures lost sales in the store, and also at headquarters, in a deep collaboration with supply chain, marketing, sales…

Superhero’s guide to on-shelf management

RSi-webinar-thumbnail-guide-to-on-shelf-management-smallThis Iron Man 3 action figure use case demonstrates how Hasbro utilizes data to secure On-Shelf-Availability in Target stores, nationwide. In this webinar, you will learn about sales variability within geo-demographic store clusters, optimizing inventory allocations to support best selling stores and maximizing full retail sales through peak sales weeks.

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