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RSi_ecommerceAs the world’s fastest growing sales channel, e-commerce is becoming increasingly important to overall brand success. As consumers around the world shift purchases to online channels, it is critical that manufacturers have visibility into both online shopping behavior and it’s impact on traditional brick & mortar retail channels.

RSi offers an e-commerce solution featuring high-level insights for HQ-based channel managers, brand managers and senior salespeople. Key issues addressed include visibility into e-commerce sales performance, a consolidated view across e-commerce accounts and key knowledge into the impact of e-commerce vs. B&M.
With RSi’s e-commerce solutions, manufacturers are able to gain visibility into channel performance, how to optimize both online and B&M, how to evaluate e-commerce sales in areas where B&M stores are not present, whether online sales benefit from B&M promotions and how to gauge the levels of sales between traditional retail and e-commerce.

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