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The RSi Solution Platform

Increase Sales. Optimize Assortments. Spot Trends. React Quickly.

We serve CPG companies around the world by working with a retailer network that provides access to downstream data. True, we’ve got great technology, but that’s just one part of the picture. Our scientific methods drive predictive analytics, providing sophisticated business intelligence that improves your decision-making and delivers ROI. Our SaaS model is cost effective and accessible via web and mobile.

Our process loads, cleanses, harmonizes, and enriches store-level data that captures consumer demand signals. Integrated, secure, reliable, and accurate, our platform is underpinned by a comprehensive set of tested and proven mathematical algorithms that transforms data to valuable actionable insights.

RSi adds value to retail-CPG relationships via common insights:


Business intelligence

Tools, reports, and alerts provide complete access to insights and best practices.



Increased sales and operational savings with views to on-shelf management; promotions; forecasting.


Customer support

Exceeding customer expectations at every point in the relationship — from initial statement of work to value creation.


Global data management

Data is loaded, cleansed, harmonized, enriched, and provided for reporting. Readily available; integrated, secure, reliable and accurate. The underpinning of our platform is a comprehensive set of science and algorithms that transforms data to valuable actionable insights.

One insightful view

We recognize the need to cross the enterprise with the granular, frequent, store-level data that captures consumer demand signals. Our goal is to achieve value across the entire retail-CPG relationship by sharing common insights.

Superhero’s guide to on-shelf management

RSi-webinar-thumbnail-guide-to-on-shelf-managementHasbro’s not playing games when it comes to satisfying consumer demand!

This Iron Man 3 action figure use case showing how Hasbro utilizes data to secure On-Shelf Availability in Target stores, nationwide. In this webinar, you will learn about Sales Variability within Geo-Demographic Store Clusters, Optimizing Inventory Allocations to Support Best Selling Stores, and Maximizing full retail sales through peak sales weeks.