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RSi for Retailers

Be innovative…remain competitive…delight your customer

Under current economic conditions and changing consumer preferences, retailers are looking to increase their service levels and assortments in order to delight their customers. To be market competitive and maintain EPS growth in this environment, retailers are looking to innovate some of their most precious assets: their data, their supply chain and how they do their work.


Synchronize Business Objectives

Retailers are transforming their businesses to streamline their ability to address changing demand by anticipating and responding in advance of potential service and product availability gaps. Being able to leverage daily sales data in a robust, but simple view, allows retailers to view in-store demand and inventory so both the supply chain and supplier can plan and respond to keep their customers delighted. To drive efficiencies in all facets of the retail operation, having proactive and exception-based alerting allows all parts of the organization to streamline and be more attentive to consumer demand. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, retailers want to drive their business plans and strategies. They desire to have a platform by which they can establish goals, benchmarks and feedback to their suppliers, and when it makes sense, have their suppliers as active partners using the same datasets and common goal sets.

understanding retailer driven goals and strategy

The RSi Solution

Retail Solutions provides our retail customers with the tools to anticipate and resolve in-store, supply chain and eCommerce opportunities that can affect both the consumer experience (keep them delighted) and overall sales and profits. With over 175 retailers working with RSi worldwide, we are well positioned to tackle the hardest problems, presented in very intuitive and exception based formats. RSi currently partners with Grocery, Drug, Mass, Dollar Club and Specialty channels while receiving data from more than 64 countries. Lastly, we pride ourselves on helping drive innovation in the industry, as well as helping our retailer customers better execute their market strategies with the various constituents in their ecosystem.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Dan Strong at, RSi Director of Retailer Programs.


New operational imperative

Building collaborative levers and processes to create growth and enable revenue and margin enhancements.

Increase customer loyalty

Improving on-shelf availability & optimizing promotion execution. New introductions through micro-assortment and speed-to-shelf on new products.

Multi-channel offerings

Broadening to on-line grocery and delivery options.

Joint business planning

Simplify by providing suppliers actionable insights and building strategic partnerships.

Best practices

Leveraging best practices garnered from around the world: 150 retailers, 150,000 locations and 64 countries.

Value assessment opportunities

With the right tools RSi ensures you can create common ground in order to mutually beneficial opportunities.


Increased transparency

Visibility into the business through enhanced knowledge and insights.


Omni Channel

Balancing core businesses with emerging omni channel offerings.


Joint ownership

Creating a plan that can be measured by both sides.


Improved responsiveness

Out-of-stock; promotions; forecasting accuracy.