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RSi for Shopper Marketers

Ansa Inside – Measure and Maximize every campaign

Ansa delivers the intelligence you need to automatically target, optimize and measure your campaigns – based on daily, store-level sales at America’s leading retailers.Shopper Marketing Optimiation Ansa CapabilitiesSince 2014, Ansa has been utilized by shopper marketers and media planners through integrated ad partners, to measure and maximize their campaigns run on leading ad networks.
Now Ansa is also available for Agencies and Trade Desks.

Ansa is currently used by 55 of the world’s largest CPG companies and 13 leading Shopper Marketing Agencies to prove and improve the performance of their campaigns running at the nation’s leading retailers. To date, Ansa has helped target, optimize and measure 500+ digital shopper marketing campaigns.

Learn more about Ansa and how to maximize your campaigns.