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Consumer Packaged Goods

24 of the top 25 global CPG companies trust RSi experience

Today, out-of-stock rates hover around 8% and tend to double during promotions. What’s more, about 35% of promotional displays shipped to the stores are incorrectly positioned, straining margins and sustainability initiatives.

Most forecasts are based on shipment, not store sales. This results in significant out-of-stocks levels and/or excess inventory.

But RSi starts with point-of-sale data from our retailer partners. Our proprietary process validates, harmonizes, enriches and formats the data for optimum analysis. We identify gaps, scrub inaccuracies and process the data, enabling timely access to actionable information, which in turn eliminates the root cause of out-of-stocks.

Twenty-four of the top 25 global CPG companies trust our experience and proprietary methodology to help them earn back 2% to 4% in lost sales due to retail inefficiencies.


Retail Execution across the enterprise

By adopting a company-wide, systematic approach to retail execution, our CPG customers turn downstream data into actionable insights. Working with RSi, CPG companies:

  • Gain complete and up-to-date visibility on the performance and operational excellence of each of their customers in each of their channels.
  • Provide every customer team with the tools and best practices necessary to cut out-of-stocks by 25%, improve forecasting accuracy by 10%, improve promotion design, compliance and execution, and greatly increase new product introduction effectiveness.
  • Build more effective, trustful, and strategic relationships with their key retailers by leveraging their data to focus on finding mutually beneficial improvement opportunities in their shared supply chain — rather than just haggle during negotiations or argue about data accuracy.

RSi works with data from more than 175 retailers globally and over 500 CPG customer teams.  Our low-risk, pay-as-you-go Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model enables us to start any of your teams within a four-to-six week period.

Why did we choose RSi? It was easy. Their algorithm was out-performing ours. We tested theirs against ours and found that their systems were detecting 5-8x more OOS conditions than we were getting from our algorithm. […] we were able to improve the ROI on the technology to 5x original expectations.

J.P Brackman, Procter & Gamble, in AMR Research, Procter & Gamble Takes Action on Out of Stocks