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RSi for Suppliers

Data is just data… until you make it valuable

All suppliers, no matter their size or specialty, have the same four basic issues: access to a large number of varying data sets, a need to harmonize the data so it can be digested, a wide variety of questions and queries that must be answered from the data, and a finite amount of time to complete all of their tasks.

However, we also know that the best way to address these issues is dependent on your company size, product portfolio and team requirements so we continually expand and enhance our offerings to fit your changing needs. We can be the long-term enterprise choice, while our local footprint supports every implementation with the same level of attention.


 Small-to-Medium Enterprise

For teams facing the same pressures as larger suppliers, but with fewer resources, RSi offers four visually attractive, easy-to-understand reports that are delivered on a weekly basis. This turnkey solution Retail Reporting + meets the reporting and retail execution needs of small and mid-sized enterprises.

This solution helps you answer two, key questions:  “How am I doing?” and “Where should I focus?”

Each report provides clear and actionable insight down to the individual store; allowing smaller team to optimize trading performance, improve retail execution, identify low-hanging fruit and address lost sales efficiently and effectively.

The pre-set reports provide visibility into business issues with actionable insights and vital information on your desk every Monday morning. With fast access to your business’s health you can spend more time developing action plans to help drive sales.


You can see your whole business from here

A large enterprise has many moving parts, not to mention a myriad of external factors that influence consumer demand. Today, CPGs need to look at a lot of data – from point-of-sale, to promotions and pricing, plus factors such as weather conditions, the latest fads and consumer trends.

While all of this information comes from different places, RSi combines them into one source of data that makes sense to our customers. RSi’s tools enable big organizations to look at big data in a way that makes sense.

We combine internal reports with external conditions to provide our customers with a single view of their sales activities. The key isn’t just having the right technology, but the right processes that transform Big Data into Actionable Insights!

 Senior Executives

By adopting a company-wide, systematic approach to Retail Execution, our customers are able to turn downstream data into tangible value.

  • Gain complete and up-to-date visibility on the performance and operational excellence for each customer in every channel.
  • Build more effective, trusting and strategic relationships with key retailer partners by leveraging data to focus on finding mutually beneficial improvement…

 Supply Chain

Retail Execution Management provides the data-backed foundation and the solutions to power supply chain excellence. By creating a single, up-to-date version of the truth shared across the entire supply chain, Retail Solutions-powered suppliers have become better partners; driving more effective, integrated and leaner supply chains.

  • Better visibility into store- and shelf-level issues – solving out-of-stocks and addressing root causes.
  • More accurate and efficient forecasting, resulting in lower overall inventory levels without affecting store and shelf availability.
  • Integration of retailer demand data into VMI or DSD solutions ensures suppliers can optimize availability without clogging the system with unnecessary inventory.

 Field operations

Retail Execution Management helps make manufacturer resources more effective in your stores. Rather than using often outdated syndicated data, checking a sample of their products or working a standardized to-do-list across all stores, suppliers using near-real time downstream data are in a better position to provide effective support to your store organization.

  • Set up the right priorities and processes for supplier resources in your stores, using the same data your internal resources are using.
  • Fix out-of-stocks, but also correct their root cause (distribution voids, phantom inventory…).
  • Correct compliance issue (promotion execution, pricing, planogram…).
  • Operate more effective replenishment program.

IT organizations

Retail Solutions partners with leading retailers to take the pain out of data sharing. Leveraging Retail Data Management capabilities built across 150+ retailers during the last 10 years, our retail partners simply send us their entire data set and we operate an open infrastructure to share it back with their suppliers in a pure Software-as-a-Service, secure, and proven infrastructure at no cost to the retailer.

  • Single point of contact: rather than dealing with hundreds of suppliers, our retail partners’ IT organization deals with a single individual from our experienced data operations team.
  • Open connectivity: we have experience in handling all possible data formats and connectivity mechanisms.
  • Extensive set of optional value-added services to the suppliers (data cleansing, harmonization, history management…) to ensure data is ready to use immediately.