RSi Differentiators


We maintain our competitive advantage through high levels of innovation and cutting-edge technology, and with strong investments in RSi’s foundation.
Our future-proofed infrastructure and data management engine are prepared to evolve with you and the industry. We have integrated top-of-the-line security protocols and disaster recovery measures to ensure your data remains secure and your business analysis is uninterrupted. Our industry experts partner and collaborate with retailers and suppliers to drive best-in-class insights along with high-value services to support your personnel.
Every investment, tool and employee focus is aligned with our mission to provide fresh insights and precision visibility to our customers, moving rapidly toward predictive solutions to solve execution issues before they arise.

RSi Differentiators


RSi maintains industry-leading security measures and their respective certifications to ensure all data handled within our infrastructure remains secure, and we proactively address future concerns through rigorous system testing and outside council.


“We view RSi as a great partner with a comprehensive tool to improve various business opportunities. RSi gave us visibility into forecasting and allowed us to have inventory in the correct place to maximize our sales potential… we found this to be an easy $300,000 win by making a simple change in the planogram based on RSi analytics.”

—Michael W. | VP Sales, Multinational CPG Company