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RSi for Brokers and Sales agencies

Brokers and sales agencies are a critical part of the CPG-retailer ecosystem

From headquarter selling to store operations, manufacturers rely more and more on their brokers to bring new products to market, manage promotions and ensure store display and pricing compliance.

But suppliers are becoming more demanding, both in terms of performance and visibility on what is happening at the retailers. In this environment, brokers and are perpetually challenged to offer new services while continuing to provide the current services. By building a more compelling value proposition for their customers, brokers differentiate from their competition as they help the suppliers to differentiate from theirs.



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RSi’s Retail Execution Management gives brokers real-time access to retailers’ sales data and inventory levels, helping to make their services more efficient and effective – and provide superior services to their customers including:

  • Comprehensive reporting to support resets and a productive relationship with the retailers you represent
  • Ongoing shelf maintenance (retail pricing monitoring, distribution voids, out-of-stocks) and comprehensive reporting features to help identify and resolve price issues, retail coverage, no-scans or shipment issues
  • Speed to market, new product introductions, real-time identification of stores not scanning
  • Promotion planning, compliance and reporting
  • Full alerting capabilities to ensure your store interventions focus on the most critical issues, from new product introductions to promotion execution and out-of-stock resolution

Besides using RSi internally, many brokers use our solutions as a source of revenue from their customers – increasing the bandwidth of their services and providing their customers with more visibility into real-time retailer data.

Welcome to Retail Execution Management, powered by RSi!