The CORE program (Collaboration for Optimized Retail Excellence) is a Safeway legacy program that has now been adopted by the Albertson’s Companies due to the impressive results it has generated since its inception. Since 2011, the CORE program has helped both Safeway and its key vendor partners deliver optimized supply chain execution and planning with over 35 vendors currently participating. The CORE program provides DC, Store, and POS data at the most up-to-date and granular level (Daily DC/Store/Item; 1 day lag). This richness of data allows the Albertson’s Companies and its suppliers to utilize Collaborative Business Processes to drive ROI, strengthen relationships, and move the business forward.

As the preferred data provider for the CORE program, Retail Solutions receives Albertson’s Companies data daily, then cleanses, processes, and loads it for use by the vendors. RSi provides easy to use tools and analytical guidance for vendors, working directly with them to help focus on key uses of the data that will drive the most value. Due to the success of the program, the Albertson’s Companies have invested resources in to CORE with both a CORE team as well as high-level engagement, to drive value for both them and their vendor partners. The results to-date have been impressive for both the vendor partners and the retailer.

CORE data is a great example of how Retailers, Vendors and 3rd parties can come together and rapidly innovate, collaborate and drive benefits for all parties involved.

—Amanda Martinez | Albertson’s VP Procurement


With access to daily DC/Store/POS data, suppliers can:

  • Improve sales performance and product assortment through better store/item analysis
  • Increase new item sales through more efficient and effective store distribution
  • Reduce out of stocks by monitoring local product inventory availability
  • Maximize ROI of trade promotions by leveraging past promotion and mid-promotion data
  • And more!