Partners – Retailer Channels

Partnering for Greater Visibility into Demand

RSi’s Retailer Programs establish a more productive and effective relationship between retailers and suppliers, large and small, across all categories.

A collaboration program oriented around data, if done well, is a huge win for the retailer – resulting in reduced costs (and improved margins), and increased customer satisfaction and sales. The collaboration program in turn provides suppliers with greater visibility into consumer demand and enables better understanding on where and how to partner with the retailer in achieving business goals.

Data sharing is not new. But RSi takes it to a new level, from sharing downstream data to true teamwork – with RSi cleansing, harmonizing, and optimizing the retail data so that the suppliers can collaborate on a common platform. Industry-leading retailers understand transparency is the key to unlocking the collective analytical power of their vendor partners.

Retailer Collaboration Programs build a single version of the truth, maximize merchandiser effectiveness, and focus on the highest-ROI activities.

“The program that RSi has been running for us has far exceeded our expectations. We have seen continued improvement with our inventory optimization and on-shelf availability which has contributed significantly to our recaptured sales.”

—Cynthia M. | SVP Supply Chain, US National Retailer

“RSi’s Collaborative Business programs have created measurable value by increasing on-shelf availability while maintaining or reducing system-wide inventory levels. Moreover, we can be assured that our investments in loyalty and shopper marketing programs can get the maximum return knowing the right merchandise.”

—Robert D. | VP Merchandising, US National Retailer