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Retail Execution Optimization Driving Excellence in the Field

CPG companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on store visits today – yet lack a fact-based, systematic way to measure the performance of their investment.


Retailer Update

With so many retailers undergoing substantial mergers, acquisitions and systems overhauls, it’s difficult to keep up.  RSi invites the supplier community to an informative webinar on the current state of data changes, system requirements and new tools and services being offered by top North American retailers.  Suppliers will walk away with a better understanding of the changes that are occurring at these retailer organizations so that they can properly plan for data transitions, allocate resources as needed, and better manage their businesses.


Amazon: Charting a Course for Mutual Success

For many suppliers, Amazon is generating upwards of 300 percent growth year-over-year.  This mega-retailer has quickly become an undeniable retail force and critical channel for the suppliers to grow their business.  As Amazon continues to grow in size and offerings, so does the data it collects and shares with its partners.


Measuring Performance: The Key to Connecting the Collaboration Dots

Learn how to effectively scorecard your categories and suppliers, as well as incorporating that work into your joint business planning processes– the ultimate in collaboration and a new operational imperative.


Winning with Use Cases

Moderated by Supermarket News, the third installment of our four part, Retail Expert Webinar Series features our own Jennifer Beasley (RSi) alongside Jason Whitmer (Cleveland Research) and takes a tactical look at applying actionable data to retailers’ pressing problems.


Alerting in Action – Solving Business Problems and Recapturing Sales


Improving Category Health with Abbott Nutrition

Join us for a webinar on Improving Category Health with Abbott Nutrition’s Target team.  This informational webinar will review how Abbott Nutrition leverages RSI’s Retail Intelligence Reporting with Target to drive deep insights and quickly grow their category.


The Next Generation of Data Sharing in Retail

Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi) is excited to host this webinar as part of our Best Practice Webinar Series designed specifically for Retail Executives.  The Series is hosted in our new Collaboration Forum designed to encourage and promote collaboration between today’s top Retailers and CPG Executives.


Ahold’s Vendor Collaboration Webinar

Ahold’s Vendor Collaboration program has been delivering value for almost a year to Ahold and our vendor partners.  Please join us for a short, informational webinar where we will share an update on the program and show you some sample wins from our current partners.  Lee Nicholson, Senior Director of Supply Chain Planning for Ahold, will share Ahold’s views on Vendor Collaboration and the value Ahold sees in your participation.


Johnson & Johnson and Walgreens leveraging RSi store level analytics

Join us for an informational webinar on how the J&J Walgreens team leveraged RSi daily store level data and Walgreens customized use case analytics to address promotion out of stocks lost sales.  Learn how the J&J team streamlined the collaboration with Walgreens by leveraging RSi past like events actual units sold plus out of stock units calculation, along with most current store level inventory data to determine gap units to be pushed to targeted stores prior to events.


Family Dollar Collaborative Data Sharing Program

As we kick off the new Family Dollar Collaborative Data Sharing Program, we invite you to participate in a webinar with Jay Becker, Director of Supplier Development and the RSi Family Dollar team.


Ahold Vendor Collaboration

Join us for this short but informative webinar to get an update on the Ahold Vendor Collaboration Program. You will learn about: how in-store alerting is impacting vendor partner sales, how use cases are going to make it easier for vendor partners and Ahold to improve supply chain efficiency, more on the Integration of RSi with Ahold and vendor partners for joint business planning and what some of the early vendor partners successes have been and how Ahold is actioning them.


Walgreens Data Enhancement

Join us for Walgreens Data Enhancement Information webinar to learn more about the data enhancements now available and how to get started.


Speeding Up Insights with RI

Find out how upgrading to Retail Intelligence from Retail Visibility will benefit you. This short but informational webinar will enable you to understand Retail Intelligence and what kind of benefits you can get with the additional customization and speed.


CGT: Safeway/Kraft

Retailer collaboration at its best. Listen as two industry leaders discuss their Downstream Data ROI experiences.


Walgreens Category Data

RSi has been partnering with Walgreens and serving as their designated Operational Data Sharing Program Provider for over 5 years; this covers data such as store POS/OH/On Order/Receipts, DC OH/On Order/Shipments to stores, etc. And now, we are so glad to announce that Walgreens Category Data, defined by Walgreens product hierarchy Opstudy, is now also readily available to the entire Walgreens vendor community!


Walgreens Excess Inventory Playbook

RSi has partnered with Walgreens to develop Walgreens customized Excess Inventory Playbook to guide Walgreens vendors through the journey of tackling in-Store Excess Inventory. Learn quickly how to identify Excess, prioritize items and think through all the possible action options and best practices all while collaborating with Walgreens.


Superhero Guide to On-shelf management

This Iron Man 3 action figure use case showing how Hasbro utilizes data to secure On-Shelf Availability in Target stores, nationwide. In this webinar, you will learn about Sales Variability within Geo-Demographic Store Clusters, Optimizing Inventory Allocations to Support Best Selling Stores, and Maximizing full retail sales through peak sales weeks.


Satisfying Consumer Demand

Hasbro’s Not Playing Games When It Comes to Satisfying Consumer Demand! This webinar focuses on how Hasbro has utilized Big Data to Satisfy Consumer Demand in Target Stores, nationwide: Expanding Store Distribution through Demographic Segmentation Analysis, Driving Impactful Locally Targeted Marketing Events, Improving Promotion Forecasting and Qualifying Regional Incremental Impact of Promotion Events.


Automating the Digital Path to Purchase

In this increasingly digital world, the lines have blurred between in-store and online marketing and promotions. Excitement must be generated in the customer’s house when the list is created; in the store when the decision is made to put products into the basket; and at checkout when the purchase is made. Conventional marketing programs are becoming less effective and less sustainable in this customer-centric economy. Personalization will be the key to business growth and automation the accelerant.