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Retail Visibility

Transforming Retailer Data across the entire organization. Retailers are sharing detailed point-of-sale and inventory data with consumer goods manufacturers. But the real value in downstream data comes from quickly transforming it into actionable insights that drive sustainable value, competitive differentiation, actionable business processes and more closely aligned retailer relationships.

Retail Visibility Datasheet

Retail Reporting + RSi for Small-to-Medium Business

Instead of Managing Databases, Create Value out of Retailer Data. Retailers are sharing downstream data today, and more companies have realized the tremendous ROI promise embedded in this opportunity. Analysts have long touted Demand Signal Repositories (DSRs) as the core capability to start leveraging this data, one of the mainsources of competitive advantage for CPG companies.

Retail Reporting Datasheet

Retail Intelligence – Mobile

New level of operational visibility and collaboration. The world is rapidly going mobile. Business people and consumers rely on tablets and smartphones for instant access to information, and new technologies are in development that promise to continue the mobile revolution.

Retail Intelligence – Mobile

Retail Intelligence

RSi’s Retail Intelligence Boosts the Value of Downstream Data. Built on RSi’s industry-leading Retail Data Management infrastructure, Retail Intelligence supports both large and small CPG companies, driving and automating best practices through workflows for individual roles and processes.

Retail Intelligence Datasheet

Promotion Execution Management

Promotions and new product introductions have the potential to drive significant margins and profits for retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Many pour considerable resources into planning and optimizing the billions spent annually on promotions. But their full potential goes unrealized due to poor execution of those carefully crafted plans.

Promotion Execution Management Datasheet

Point of Sale Baseline Forecast

Forecasts are the Guide that Plans your Business. Forecasting is a vital part of any supply chain. However the reality of forecasts is that they are often wildly wrong, why? Outliers and the bull whip effect are two variables that negatively impact forecasts. Your forecast is only as good as the data and robustness of the science you apply, that’s why RSi brings POS to your forecast.

POS Baseline Forecast Datasheet

On Shelf Availability

The Retail Shelf is the moment of truth for the FMCG supplier and retailer. CPG manufacturers and retailers operate in a hypercompetitive and complex environment with multiple priorities, opportunities and problems demanding their attention and share of scarce resources. With so many competing priorities, should resources be focused on OSA? RSi believes the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

On Shelf Availability Datasheet

RSi in the Cloud

All the benefits of RSi solutions, without the heavy investment. In the past, companies were required to buy, build and maintain their on-premise IT systems. The cloud provides an alternative access to sophisticated software functionality without investment in software licenses, headcount, hardware or other fixed costs.

RSi In The Cloud Datasheet

CPG’s Big Data Partner

RSi’s solutions provide the forecasting, analytics and real time reporting you need to drive an on-shelf availability program with a great ROI.

Big Data Datasheet

Actionable Data

Ensuring the correct assortment, price and product availability on every store shelf in the world is job one for every company across the value chain.

Actionable Data Datasheet