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Transforming how the industry views retailer data

Our vision transforms systems – making them…

RSi's vision: Predictive, Exception-based and prescriptive, explanatory, x-functional, x-retailer and end-to-end

Garnering the full value of retailer data requires a change in the everyday approach.

We champion predictive methodologies to complement the forecasting horizon, utilizing a “what is likely to happen tomorrow” approach. Instead of endless data-mining to find and solve issues, our processes are exception-based and prescriptive. Our tools help provide explanatory answers. Many business cases are viewed in silos, while our goal is to maximize your efforts and provide actionable insights across business functions, retailers and end-to-end processes.

Increasing the reach of your retailer data

The market is ripe for customer-centricity. Across most channels, there is enough data available to use it as a foundation for day-to-day operations in forecasting, inventory management, marketing spend, field operations…


Amplifying the reach of your retailer data with RSi

Managing the data explosion

SharedDataSudy-2015While downstream data holds tremendous promise, its sheer volume, from what we have today and what we expect tomorrow, requires a regularly evaluated and continuously optimized approach.

Simple reporting across tens of thousands of stores and hundreds or thousands of different SKUs will lead to either unusable averages or information overload.

What can be learned from this report

  • Insight into 3 years of analysis reflecting growth of data sharing programs
  • Top 10 benefits for suppliers & retailers to share data
  • The current hurdles the industry is facing

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