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Retail Solutions’ Internship Program is designed to provide invaluable, real-world experience that accelerates a student’s professional development.

Retail Solutions teams up with colleges and universities to provide students the opportunity to apply classroom theories to real workplace experiences. Students from the following universities have already participated in Retail Solutions’ Intern Program: MIT, San Jose State University, Stanford University, University of Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania and the University of Texas at Austin.


An internship at Retail Solutions gives you hands-on experience and provides a strong competitive edge when you enter the workforce. This opportunity allows you to become familiar with our organization, work style and great corporate culture.

This internship program is a very important recruiting channel for Retail Solutions because it helps management identify highly-qualified prospective employees. Participating students are often considered for regular employment. Our philosophy is to recruit once, hire twice.

As a Retail Solutions intern, you will be assigned to a paid technical or non-technical position related to your major or career goals. Salary is based upon the position, your prior experience and the number of credits completed towards your degree. Please note you may be requested to provide verification of credits in writing from your school prior to your assignment.


Retail Solutions accepts domestic and international undergraduate/graduate students into the program. You may be considered for participation if you are a full-time student at any two, four or five year accredited U.S. college or university, participating in an undergraduate/graduate program or are an international student seeking optional practical training within one year after graduation. Retail Solutions will handle the required U.S. government documentation when applicable.

As a candidate under consideration for an intern assignment, you will need to demonstrate a high level of academic achievement (grade point average). You should have relevant work or research experience, be able to thrive in a team environment, and demonstrate strong leadership, communication and decision-making skills. You will also need to earn a high evaluation during the interview process.

Return assignments

You will be eligible for a return assignment at Retail Solutions if your job and school performance are satisfactory and a business need exists. Information on the procedure for return assignments will be provided to you by your manager or staffing representative prior to your exit interview.

Part-time assignments

You and your manager may jointly decide on continuing with part-time work for Retail Solutions while finishing your degree. This would allow you to earn a part-time salary and further your professional skills while completing degree requirements.

Student benefits

As a Retail Solutions intern, you can gain a competitive edge towards employment and receive a competitive salary. In addition, the workplace experience can give you valuable insights for your future academic and career decisions. Interns are not included in employee health, dental or 401k plans. Participating students do not accrue vacation or sick days during the program.


Please email your resume and/or cover letter to, and remember to indicate the career opportunity in which you are interested. Please note that due to the number of resume submissions we receive, we will contact you if the hiring manager would like to speak to you to get additional information and/or qualifications. To apply for participation in Retail Solutions’ Internship Program, please forward your resume and a cover letter stating your specific interest to

We look forward to receiving your application.

Chalmers University

Hear what Interns from Chalmers have to say:


Intern quotes

RSi is a great company to work for and here you will learn about interesting technology and the latest in Big Data. During my time at RSi I got to run my own project together with amazing co-workers and supervisors. After my internship in Providence, I got the chance to work from the Shanghai office which was a great experience. Now I’m working as a consultant from Gothenburg, reporting to the London office. If you are looking for a company with a great culture and possibility to work worldwide – RSi is a great choice!

Anton Haglund, RSi Consultant and Ex-Intern

RSi has given me a lot of opportunities to develop, to work independently, and to be responsible for my own projects. The work culture is a perfect balance of professionalism and fun enthusiasm, which makes RSi a wonderful place to be.

Johan Bjorefeld, Intern

 What I like the most about the company is the treatment I have received since I started, it seems I have been in the company for years. In terms of business, I think RSi does really helpful work helping customers to achieve their goals. […] I chose RSi as I found it really interesting to work in such a company where the data analysis and the treatment of customers were/are so important.

Ignacio Iglesias, Intern

During my internship I’ve discovered what I like and dislike about real life work which has made me more sure of the kind of career I’ll pursue once I’m done with school. Having worked in the US and with people from different nationalities will hopefully make me more attractive for future employers. From day one I felt that RSi was a great place to learn. The atmosphere encourages collaboration and there’s always someone to turn to when you run into problems. I’ve been given a lot of responsibility and I feel like what I do here at RSi is both challenging for me and important for the company.

Tobias Roos, Intern